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The Animated Series was produced in 1973 and 1974 and many fans discount it. The animation, it has to be said, was a little hmm... It's been said that "those fans who came to Star Trek in the 1980s when Star Trek: The Next Generation began and those that came after are the ones most likely to reject the Animated Series as a part of Star Trek canon." [1]

One thing that sets the Animated Series apart for Larry Niven fans is the episode The Slaver Weapon, adapted by Niven from a story called The Soft Weapon (published in Neutron Star (collection)) at Gene Rodenberry's suggestion.

The Animated Series took advantage of animation's ability to have non-human like aliens with the Kzin and Niven inserted the Kzin into the Star Trek universe in the Animated Series. With that, aggressive cat-like aliens stepped forward to challenge the Federation and its Starfleet and various games and films have been lightly peppered with Kzinti references ever since.[1]

References Edit

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