Man-Kzin Wars IV cover

Man-Kzin Wars IV is a collection of short stories set within the Known Space universe. The stories within take part during the time Known as the Man-Kzin Wars and recount some of mankind's dealings with the alien species known as the Kzin. [1]

Contents: Edit

  • The Survivor by Donald Kingsbury: Tells the story of Eater-of-Grass, a cowardly Kzin who survives against all odds in the brutal environment of the Patriarchy and through the bloody Man-Kzin Wars to become the respected Trainer-of-Slaves
  • The Man Who Would Be Kzin by Greg Bear & S.M. Stirling - Recounts a human mission against the Kzin using a human Telepath to infiltrate the ranks of the enemy posing as one of their own.

References: Edit

  1. Man-Kzin Wars IV edited by Larry Niven

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