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The Liar's first view of the Ringworld

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Pierson's Puppeteers, often known just as Puppeteers, and known to themselves as Citizens are highly intelligent non-humanoid tripedal herbivores, first encountered by Olaf Pierson.[1]

A technologically advanced race descended from twin-necked herd herbivores, and noted for their so-called cowardice. Their commercial empire directly and indirectly controls events throughout Known Space and beyond, and Puppeteer plots are behind many of the larger events in Known Space. more..

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Dec 2014:

This wiki has been "adopted" after quite a while of having no admins and only the occasional editor. I'm gradually working my way through the wiki and, hopefully, making it better.

Please - have a look around, read stuff, correct mistakes, add stuff - there's a lot to do so you're welcome to join in, or just browse if you want.

At the I'm working on adding details, photos etc. to the Known Space articles so that the Wikia looks better day by day. Longer term I'm working on the Ringworld's Children (novel) page and the aim is to have a stub page with at least a quick synopsis and a cover pic for every novel and anothology.


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