Chuut-Riit was the ruler of all Kzin in the Alpha Centauri system and a son of the Patriarch. As Commander of the Third Fleet coming to invade the Sol System he was in direct command of all Kzin on the Wunderland system and its adjacent colonies. Chuut-riit was a genius and master tactician who saw early-on the folly of the Kzin's "scream then leap" strategy. He made the study of human behavior a lifelong endeavor and encouraged his subordinates, including Traat-Admiral, to do the same. Over time he adapted his strategies and even his lifestyle in response to his ever growing understanding of his human enemies. He even went as far as entrusting some of his human slaves such as Henrietta with great responsibilities and freedom. These actions caused some of the Kzin under his command, to question his loyalties and even his liver, but in general Chuut-riit maintained a high level of respect, even among his enemies. Even the humans back in Sol System took note and they did their best to assassinate Chuut-Riit before his invasion plans could be finalized. This task was finally accomplished in 2419 C.E. and set the stage for the U.N. led Liberation of Wunderland. Chuut-Riit's death arguably turned the tide of the war and saved mankind from a final invasion that they could not defend against.[1]

Death Edit

Chuut-riit was slaughtered and eaten by his own children in 2419 C.E. They had been locked away in their room in his fortress for days without any food or outside contact and had been mostly driven mad by the ordeal. This was a result of a sabotage mission conducted by ARM agents.[1]

Descendents Edit

Unlike most of his siblings, Chuut-Riit's son Vaemar survived both the death of his father and the later Liberation of Wunderland. He went on to sire several offspring who had children of their own.

References Edit

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